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Friday, October 28, 2011

Manchester, NH - KMHT

Located a short 45 miles north of Boston's Logan Airport lies this quaint little regional airport.  Now known as Manchester Boston Regional Airport due to it's geographic location in the region, it's main traffic consists of Southwest.  Traffic has declined here over the years, but if you enjoy runway-side action, it's worth a stop in your travels through the northeast. 

The main viewing area is co-located with the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire and sits alongside runway 17/35.  The sun swings quite early from this vantage point and is really only good for a couple of hours in the morning.

N571FE - FedEx MD-10F rotating runway 35 
N415NP - Nie Planes Lear 60 taxing to runway 35
There is also a crossing runway (06/24) that provides for good views when in use.  There isn't an official viewing area but if you drive towards the main terminal you'll see a health club parking lot you can spot from.  Keep in mind it is not an official viewing area and if asked to leave, do so.
N806MD - Republic Airways E170 holding short runway 6
(Photo by: Eric Trum)

N154GJ - GoJets CRJ-700 landing runway 6
(Photo by: Eric Trum)

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