This blog is geared toward helping fellow enthusiasts identify spotting areas at airports. I've included shots I've taken from those spots to give you an idea of what kind of photos can be expected from each vantage point.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gloucestershire, England - (EGBJ/GLO)

This small airport is just off the M5 motorway about 30 miles north of Bristol.  Manx2 is the only commercial service as of now operating 2x daily with a Dornier 228 to the Isle of Man. (Equipment sub the day I was there to a Let-410)  Most of the hangars and ramp areas are located on the SE side of the airfield making it a morning or early afternoon shooting affair.  Always worth a stop if you're like me and don't live closer than 3,000 miles away.

OK-RDA - Let-410 of Manx2 taxiing to the runway

Normally a shot I wouldn't take but the pilot would not get out of the way!

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