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Saturday, February 4, 2012

RAF Cosford, England - (EGWC)

While this is still an active Royal Air Force base, there are really no aircraft based here except the volunteer glider squadron, an EMS helicopter, and a flying club.  However, there is a museum that rivals most any other within its boundaries.  Located just off the M54 motorway about 15 miles northwest of Birmingham in the Midlands, it is worth any and every side road used to get there!  There are no fewer than 50 unique aircraft presented within its hangars.

A beautiful gate guard in the form of a Bristol Britannia

Hey, this looks familiar!  A nice Dutch Navy P2V-7

HS Dominie T.Mk 1 XS709 - Retired here 2/11/2011

Lockheed C-130K Mk. 3 XV202 - Retired here 8/12/2011

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