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Friday, February 3, 2012

London/Luton, England - (EGGW/LTN)

One of London's many airports, Luton caters mostly to the spotters who are looking for "monster biz frames" as this airport attracts business jets from all over the world on a daily basis.  It still is a commercial airport but you are relegated to discount carriers EasyJet, Wizzair, and Ryanair.  Monarch and Thompson have a maintenance facility here so you never know what types will be in for them.  Again, as with most airports in the U.K. this airport's spotting locations are well known and can be located on the internet with ease:

The day I showed up, they were operating off runway 08 which made for some great shots taken from the crash gate on the south side of the airport.  Due to the close proximity to the runway you can expect to get even the smallest mustang-like jet with a lens no bigger than a 300mm, with most subjects being a short 125mm-200mm away.

EAT Leipzig's newly acquired A300-600R D-AEAG
OE-GVF - Lear 60 of Austrian operator VistaJet

HB-VOJ - Hawker 850XP

G-OBYG - An empty Thompson 767-300 getting airborne quickly

ZS-AJZ - South African registered GLF5 

HZ-MS4 - GLF4 from Saudi Arabia

HA-LWA - Airbus A320 of WizzAir

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